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When it comes to losing weight, everyone wants a program that is safe, effective, and lasts. Period. Although traditional doctors tell you to eat less and exercise more, we all know that this does not always work. This is because imbalances in the body can make losing weight almost impossible. In order to achieve successful and permanent weight loss, identifying and counteracting these imbalances is critical to losing the weight and keeping it off.

True Balance MD™ has developed a natural weight management plan that will change the way you look at weight loss programs!

Define Your Weight Loss Goals

In order to begin the natural weight loss process, your True Balance MD™ physician will perform a bioimpedance analysis (BIA). This quick, easy, and painless test will allow us to identify and analyze the number of pounds of fat, the health of your cells, and your toxicity levels. Once all of your numbers have been evaluated, the first thing to do is write down small and incremental goals for yourself. Whether it’s changing your shopping habits, watching your portions, drinking enough water, or documenting your food intake, these small goals play a substantial role in your overall success.

H2CG Weight Loss Program

Before your six week H2CG Program begins, your lifestyle coach will fully explain the amazing effects H2CG has on the body. A natural hormone produced during pregnancy, H2CG signals the body to burn fat as fuel for the growing baby. As it is a naturally produced hormone, your body will receive this message and begin to burn the fat as if you were pregnant. All of the H2CG supplements in our natural weight loss plan are homeopathic, which means they are so diluted that the original substance can not be measured in the final preparation. They are taken orally, not injected. The homeopathic H2CG preparation has all of the benefits on HCG injections with none of the potential side effects. Studies have shown that HCG injections can have serious side effects and therefore, True Balance MD™ does not use these preparations. H2CG is the unique brand of homeopathic HCG that we use at True Balance MD™.

The other natural supplements in the program address the other issues that cause you to keep the weight on. These issues include: hormonal imbalance, malnutrition and toxicity. We use the highest quality supplements to address these areas and aid in your weight loss. Without them, losing weight and keeping it off can be nearly impossible.

Savannah Weight Loss Program

Typical weight loss during your six week program will range from 20 to 30 pounds, although those having more weight to lose typically exhibit loss above these numbers. In addition to the five natural supplements, a menu of fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, and meats, which you purchase and prepare yourself, will transform your body in every way imaginable. Your H2CG program is quite simple to follow as well, and if you have any questions your lifestyle coach will answer them during your weekly coaching meeting. Another component of your weekly meeting will be a MIC B injection. Containing a combination of B-Complex vitamins and essential and non-essential amino acids, the MIC B injections help to boost energy levels and provide essential keys to unlock the fat cells and burn fat for fuel. Weekly BIA testing will also ensure you are losing fat and not muscle.

Upon completion of the program you will emerge feeling more vital and energized. You will also fit into those smaller clothes in your closet and your life will look brighter. We have strategies to make sure that you keep the weight off and options for those who have more weight that they desire to lose.

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HCG has not been demonstrated to be effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity. There is no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or ‘normal’ distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restricted diets.

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